Stressed lately with life trials and world crises? It’s normal for us humans to get tired and feel lost sometimes. Let us reconnect with nature and appreciate every little thing that nature can inspire us. In this topic, we are going to be inspired by learning these 30 best examples of how can nature inspire us.

Best Examples of How Nature Can Inspire Us


  1. Fibonacci sequence in nature – this describes the sequence of tree branches. For example, a main trunk grows and produces a branch then this branch creates another two growth points. Then, the new stems branch into two while the other one stays dormant. This reminds us that our life just keeps on growing and every step we take will have different consequences. Additionally, it will result in another consequence. So, when making decisions in life, make sure to think thoroughly to continue growing and not just be stuck being dormant.
  2. Resilience – Think about how resilient trees whether in times of storms or able to grow despite weather challenges. We should be resilient just like trees, even in the hardest times in our lives. Therefore, we should never give up and continue striving. These challenges will help us to grow, be stronger, and braver despite anything blocking our way.
  3. Balance – balance is an ecosystem’s delicate thrive. Nature inspires us to find equilibrium in our daily lives, whether it’s work-life balance or personal triumphs. Likewise balancing things to flow smoothly and avoid overlapping activities that will potentially make us stressed in life.
  4. Cycles – the cycle of birth, seasons, and decay of nature reminds us that life is a cycle. Saying says, “Life is like a wheel, sometimes you are on top, sometimes at the bottom”. It is important to note that just like a wheel, your life won’t just be stuck in one phase. It keeps on turning and eventually, it goes back to where it started. So cheer up if you feel like your life is at the bottom right now. just don’t stop moving until you reach the top again.
  5. Creativity – from the intricate design of leaves to the colors of the sunset, the creative work of nature inspires us to encourage us to think outside the box. Especially be creative and not be afraid to explore our imaginative innovations.
  6. Simplicity – nature is elegant and this elegance lies in its simplicity. We can learn to simplify our own lives and appreciate the simple things in it. we can find joy even in the simplest things around us. As the quote says, “Simplicity is beauty.”
  7. Perseverance – Watching how the river carves through its path and rocks. It teaches us to be persistent and persevere to overcome obstacles. Granted that we can reach our ultimate goals in life if we don’t stop reaching for them. In fact, we just have to persevere, and one way or another, these dreams may come true.
  8. Adaptation – Species know how to adapt to their surroundings. Just like us, we can learn to adapt to new situations in our life. Make these challenges a foundation to be stronger to be able to adapt to every single hardship we may encounter throughout our lives.
  9. Harmony – in nature, everything is interconnected. This inspires us to work together and collaborate harmoniously and we should understand that everyone has their stand in life. Just try to harmonize with one another to achieve peace and serenity in life.
  10. Innovation – Just like camouflage and symbiosis, nature has its survival problems. It inspires us to be innovative and find solutions in our fight.
  11. Mindfulness – being connected to nature enables us to understand and appreciate the world around us.
  12. Patience – Witnessing the growing of trees and plants requires patience. Everything in life is not instant, it takes time to achieve. As what saying says “Great things come to those who patiently wait.”. Just wait for the right time because the right things come at the right time.
  13. Humility – An example of how can nature inspire us is the beauty of oceans and mountains. It reminds us that we are living in a place of the vastness of the universe. If you are great at doing that stuff, then maybe someone is greater than you. Be humble always.
  14. Appreciation of Beauty – the breathtaking landscapes of nature inspire us to seek and appreciate the beauty in it. Likewise in the oddest events and little things.
  15. Biodiversity – the different species in our nature showcase the beauty and value of diversity. This can inspire us to appreciate and embrace differences in our lives. We are created uniquely, so our differences won’t matter as we appreciate and embrace our uniqueness.
  16. Resourcefulness – animals use their environment to their advantage in terms of survival. This encourages us to be resourceful and make the most of what we already have. Don’t seek for the things that are out of your life. Learn to appreciate what you have and use it to your advantage.
  17. Renewal – After a forest fire, new growth emerges. Nature teaches us that even when destroyed, there’s always a chance for renewal. When you fall, get up and walk on. Also, remember that there’s a rainbow always after the rain.
  18. Sustainability – Nature’s delicate balance shows the importance of sustainable practices to ensure the health of our planet. This reminds us to be sustainable enough when facing fate in our lives.
  19. Wonder – our world has vast mysteries and it makes us more curious. Therefore, this encourages us to don’t stop believing in what we just have or saw. Try to learn new things and be curious about what things should offer in our life.
  20. Unity – the interconnectedness of ecosystems reminds us that we are all part of a larger whole. It motivates us to support and collaborate.
  21. Reflection – Calm water that reflects the sky teaches us the value of self-reflection and introspection. So, before reflecting on others’ life mind reflect your own first.
  22. Generosity – Trees provide shade, and animals pollinate plants. Nature’s generosity encourages us to be generous with our time, resources, and kindness to everyone and everything around us.
  23. Uniqueness – Each snowflake and rock formation has its uniqueness. This inspires us to embrace our individuality and appreciate the uniqueness around us.
  24. Eco-friendly living – learning from nature’s efficient use of resources will help us to inspire eco-friendly practices in our daily lives. Why choose to buy expensive stuff when there’s a cheaper option for it?
  25. Health and Well-being – Staying in nature’s setting promotes good and healthy mental and physical well-being. This encourages us to prioritize our self-first and self-care. As others say, “Love yourself first.
  26. Problem-Solving – the intricate ways in which species adapt to challenges inspire us to approach problems with a fresh perspective. Every problem has a solution, we just must learn how to get on it.
  27. Humor – playful animal behavior just like dogs and cats reminds us not to take life too seriously. In particular, we find joy in the little things. Being humorous won’t hurt but being too serious can make your life boring.
  28. Conservation – taking care of and preserving our diversity encourages us to conserve the things we have. If you have something valuable in your life, learn to protect it. Therefore you do not want to be sorry in the end. Remember, regret is always in the end.
  29. Interdependence – the reliance of different species on one another shows the importance of cooperation and mutual support in our lives. As what famous quote says, “No one is an island”.
  30. Endurance – The ability of life to flourish in extreme environments teaches us about the strength of the human spirit. Likewise, our capacity to endure especially when enduring pain and struggles.

The Profound Connection Between Humans and Nature


Nature holds a deep and profound connection with humanity that transcends cultural boundaries, language barriers, and personal beliefs. This connection is rooted in our very existence and shapes our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. In this section, we will explore the fundamental ways in which nature inspires and connects with people in simple and easily understandable language.

1. A Source of Life: Nature is the source of our sustenance. The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat all come from the natural world. Every breath we take is filled with oxygen produced by the trees and plants. When we drink a glass of water, we are consuming the result of nature’s purification process. The fruits, vegetables, and grains on our plates are gifts from the soil and the sun. In this way, nature is not just a part of our lives; it is our life.

2. Peace and Calm: Have you ever noticed how a walk in the park or a hike in the mountains can calm your mind and soothe your soul? Nature has a remarkable ability to reduce stress and anxiety. The rustling of leaves, the gentle flow of a river, and the chirping of birds create a natural symphony that can lower our heart rate and help us relax. Nature offers a refuge from the hustle and bustle of modern life, providing a peaceful sanctuary where we can find solace and tranquility.

3. Inspiration and Creativity: Nature is an endless source of inspiration for art, science, and innovation. The intricate patterns of a snowflake, the graceful flight of a bird, or the vibrant colors of a sunset have inspired countless artists, scientists, and thinkers throughout history. The designs found in nature have influenced architecture, engineering, and technology. We learn from nature’s efficiency and beauty to create a better world for ourselves.

4. A Sense of Belonging: As humans, we are not separate from nature; we are an integral part of it. Our bodies are made of the same elements found in the stars and the Earth. We share a common ancestry with all living creatures on this planet. Understanding this connection fosters a sense of belonging and responsibility. It reminds us that we are stewards of the Earth, with a duty to protect and preserve the natural world for future generations.

5. Healing and Renewal: Nature has a remarkable ability to heal and renew. Whether it’s a walk in the woods, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, or the warmth of the sun on your skin, these experiences can boost our mood and promote physical well-being. The concept of “forest bathing,” or shinrin-yoku, is an example of how nature can be therapeutic. Time spent in nature can improve our mental health, reduce stress, and enhance our overall sense of well-being.

The Role of Nature in Inspiring Creativity, Innovation, and Well-Being


Nature is a profound source of inspiration for human creativity, innovation, and overall well-being. In this section, we will explore the multifaceted ways in which the natural world enriches our lives, fostering both individual and collective growth.

Nature’s intricate designs and breathtaking landscapes have captivated human imagination for centuries. Exposure to the natural world can stimulate our creativity in several ways:

Sensory Stimulation: The sights, sounds, and smells of nature engage our senses, sparking new ideas and enhancing problem-solving skills. The serenity of a forest, the crash of ocean waves, or the vibrant colors of a meadow can all serve as a backdrop for fresh thoughts and artistic expression.

Mindful Observation: Nature encourages mindfulness, prompting us to slow down and observe the intricate details of the world around us. This heightened awareness can lead to innovative solutions and novel perspectives in various domains, from science and art to technology and design.

Nature is the world’s greatest innovator, having evolved countless solutions to complex problems over billions of years. Humans have increasingly turned to nature for inspiration, a practice known as biomimicry, to solve challenges in various fields:

Design: Biomimicry has led to breakthroughs in architecture, engineering, and product design. Examples include buildings inspired by termite mounds, streamlined vehicle designs modeled after fish, and materials inspired by spider silk.

Medicine: Nature has provided the basis for numerous medical breakthroughs. Pharmaceuticals derived from plants, such as aspirin from willow bark, exemplify how nature’s chemical compounds have been harnessed for human health.

Spending time in natural settings offers a wide array of mental and physical health benefits, contributing to overall well-being:

Stress Reduction: Nature has a calming effect on the human psyche. Exposure to green spaces and natural environments has been linked to reduced stress, anxiety, and depression.

Enhanced Cognitive Function: Nature walks and outdoor activities have been shown to improve cognitive function, attention, and memory. This mental rejuvenation can boost productivity and creativity.

Physical Health: Engaging in outdoor activities encourages physical exercise, which is vital for maintaining good health. Nature provides an enticing backdrop for physical activities like hiking, biking, and swimming.

Recognizing our interconnectedness with nature fosters a sense of responsibility and environmental stewardship:

Conservation: When people feel inspired by nature, they are more likely to support conservation efforts and sustainable practices, contributing to the protection of our planet’s biodiversity and ecosystems.

Sense of Purpose: Nature can provide a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment. Individuals who engage with the natural world often report a greater sense of meaning in their lives.

We can say that, nature serves as a wellspring of inspiration for creativity, innovation, and well-being. Its profound influence on human thought and action underscores the importance of preserving and nurturing the natural world for the betterment of society and the planet as a whole. By embracing nature’s lessons and beauty, we can unlock our creative potential, drive innovation, and experience a higher quality of life.

In the film below you can see how nature inspires architects. Worth watching!

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